Our Skills

We are happy to be engineers. Technology is our passion and we like to convert our passion into real devices. Technology today means electronics, firmware, software, communications, human to machine interaction, automation.
We want technology out of research centers in the real world. We want to achieve actual results not only virtual and with great passion we have also great fun.

Hardware design

Microcontrollers, microprocessors, transistors, FPGA, printed circuit boards are some of the words which are familiar to us. If there is anything you are looking for in this world, we can surely help.

Firmware design

Any hardware even if coming from the best hardware designers, needs to be configured and programmed. Intelligent devices need intelligent algorithms developed by intelligent engineers. Yes, apparently we also do this intelligent job.

Software design

Can the world survive without software? Probably not today. But where is all this software? We think everywhere. That's why our talented engineers keep on developing software: they bring technology to the real word.

RT Networking

Communication today is the state of the art. We like to go beyond, Real Time networking is our best expertise, with a multidisciplinary knowledge in all protocols.


Validate a project, a product, a system is often more important than designing itself. Testing is ensuring no problems to the devices all life long. We develop testing systems where efficiency, reliability, automation are the words mainly appreciated by our customers


You will not be surprised now to see automation and robotics in nearly every application. Design automation? Testing automation? Reporting automation? Measuring automation? Just ask and we will be glad to assist you.



If we say that some of the most incredible products in the world hide our design in it, would you believe it? You'd better do so, as it's the truth. If you have a car, expecially a top brand car, or simply an electronic device working in your house, you are likely using something designed by us. How can you know it without disassembling your device? Probably only by joining our team and signing a non disclosure agreement. We are proud to be partner to our customers and design new high tech products with them.

We develop several projects simultaneusly. The chart shows an overview of the last three years.

Our Projects

We deal with advanced technology and advance technology plays a key role in our future and in our partners' future.
It's strategic and therefore strictly confidential. In the pictures below you can find some references to what we actually do: we put the heart and the brain inside real things.


Bring the touch to the next level - Our winning touch tech


EMC Laboratory - non only tests, but integrated solutions up to: “test compliant”!


Masterlog - The best solution for fleet management.

The company

Trama was born about 30 years ago in Alba. During the years, the acquisition of customers from the most advanced leading companies together with the constant updating of our technology brought us to develop key projects by a constantly increasing team.
Pushing the boundaries of technology, setting new higher standards for the industry at large has won us in turn the loyalty of major companies worldwide over the last decade.
In addition to and as always, we continually work with exciting projects.
Earlier this year the activity was moved to new premises in a strategic location, right in the city centre, thus in a quiet area, with private parking, convenient to all transports and services.
Our core is not only in the microprocessors we handle for our daily work, but first of all is our people. We are proud of our job.
Trama Engineering is a brand of Trama Srl and Controlmatica Srl company group.
The headquarters in Alba (North West of Italy) is in one of the most important squares of the town.
Alba is a very famous touristic site in the UNESCO area famous for vineyards landscapes.
Come to visit us!

Work with us

We are a fast growing company and constantly search for new talents for our team. Excellence is the standard here, not the exception.
If you want to join us, just all you have to do is contact our offices.

Are you able to design electronic circuits microcontroller based? Do you know about automotive technologies and automation technologies? We need people able to develop schematics and possibly gerber files.

Do you know about c language, micro-controller development systems, micro-controller internal peripherals, registers, routines, device drivers, schedulers and embedded operating systems? If so, please apply

Are you able to develop APPs? Do you know how to work with operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android? And what about HMI, GUI, databased and languages like C# and Java? Just send your CV

Do you like spending time in and out of your office? Do you like meeting people and explain them how to use new technologies in real applications? Would you like to have the opportunity to visit some of the most interesting companies we have in Europe? We will be pleased to meet you, just send your resume.

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